Fleet Booking Manager
. . the chauffeur-hire opportunity to efficiency and virtually a paper-free office

System Features

This system is designed to manage your business booking enquiries and process those business opportunities right on through the whole deal from dealing with your client’s needs to delivering an efficient service after which you have a complete recallable record of the entire transaction and not once did you lift a pen!

  • Business Opportunities Maximised

    The process of using Fleet Booking Manager couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is pop a small item of code into any page you want your clients to make business enquiries from and from that moment onwards you and your clients are connected via a fully manageable information flow keeping both of you fully up-to-date with enquiries and bookings.

  • Paperless Office

    Fleet Booking Manager collects, stores and processes all enquiries, updates and scheduling without ever a piece of paper being used. All records of all aspects of the enquiries and bookings and stored for easy retrieval by you and your call-centre staff. Even the job-cards are stored within as PDFs and are accessible via Smartphones or Tablets when the chauffeur is out on the bookings

  • Real-time Booking Enquiries

    Via the code now running on your enquiry pages on your various websites enquiries generated immediately are delivered to your secure easy to manage enquiry centre. A copy of the enquiry formatted to match your business corporate look including business logos is transmitted directly to your client which ensures both parties are aware of the requests made which of course avoids possible misunderstandings later

  • All Enquiries and Bookings Fully Monitored

    As the business owner it is useful to know what the net worth of your business is and how healthy your order-book might be. Fleet Booking Manager provides discreet reports to the business owner of exactly how many enquiries are awaiting quote calculation; how much is currently waiting client acceptance; how much business is booked and when and importantly how much money is involved in all sections of the enquiry and booking stages and of course the bottom line: exactly to the penny what the total value is of your business activities Front to Back and all in Real Time

  • Ease of Setup

    Fleet Booking Manager is a breeze to set up. The process is entirely self managed. Following your initial account application you will shortly afterwards receive a link to go into the system to set up your account. The various sections you complete such as your Company Name and website address, your contact email where enquiries are copied to plus your business address, phone and of course what vehicles you want to include in the enquiry form vehicle selector. Follow that through and the final part is within your account a small piece of code is generate based on what you say about your operation – that code goes into you website enquiry page and immediately that is made live you are off and running. Simple

  • Ease of Use

    Every enquiry generated from your website(s) registered with Fleet Booking Manager creates a notification to you. Sign into your account from anywhere (the system is totally portable and any device-friendly) to look at and process that enquiry. After talking to your client about the enquiry and entering any specific detail into the request made and of course the price you are agreed on, you hit submit a quote and the system immediately stores that new enquiry into your quoted business activities. You can of course execute that deal if you wish by applying a payment made which moves the enquiry directly to your Live Bookings section. In all cases your client receives copies as appropriate.

  • Total Profitability Awareness and Control

    Knowing what is going on in a business is critical. Many businesses only know what was going and discovering some times that what was going on wasn’t actually good after the event. Fleet Booking Manager from the first moment of activation becomes your eyes and ears of every aspect of your enquiries / quotations / live bookings and historic archive of all deals processed (and missed) over all time – as long as you run Fleet Booking Manager as your Personal Booking Manager you will have a hand on it all, including which websites work best; which of your call centre staff create more profit and identify of course those that don’t. Real Time Business Manager is right there and you don’t do a thing to get to it.

  • Shared Business Reporting

    No matter where you are in the world you have a discrete access to your business activities. If you are the sole owner with single access or you are one of a team of managers running the business, each and every business owner gets to see the real-time state of your business to see exactly from hour to hour just how well your business is performing. All reports based on the total value of all parts of the enquiry processes right through to post job execution are there to be reviewed and analysed enabling you and your fellow business managers to appreciate what aspect of your businesses are profitable and where perhaps you need to make improvements or changes and all this is there at the touch of a button as all reports are self-generating.

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