• Online - real-time Booking Enquiry Manager
  • Real-time Pricing /Quotation updates direct to the client
  • Job card Auto Generation
  • Auto Archive
  • Real-time Management Reports
  • Multi Operator within single account
  • Subcontract facilities
  • Virtual Paperless System

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Total Control of your Vehicle Enquiries and Bookings
Fully automated, informative and a virtual paperless system

London based Chauffeur company

This company trialled then went ahead with full use and have now been using Fleet Booking Manager since April 2014.  Their feedback when deciding to go ahead was that it had improved completely the way they all worked - for ever. With weekends being their busiest times; Saturdays especially, they could be handling upwards of 100 client requirements over a concentrated 18-hour period all of which they used to do manually with  dockets and hand-written job-cards. Since they introduced Fleet Booking Manager, practically all their paperwork has reduced dramatically with all their quotations, live bookings and transport scheduling and vehicle allocations being entirely handled via the new system and in the words of their MD: "we really love it"

NH, Managing Director, London

Ease of use guaranteed

Setting up using this system is as easy as pie. Once you set up your account you will be asked to complete within your account a set of replies which relate to what you will say to your clients via automated emails whenever you receive a new enquiry from your website - this information: your telephone number, email address, confirmation of the deal enquired about are all automatically sent to your customers - you even have the opportunity to add your own header logo to the email format which makes sure all communications to your clients are always thoroughly professional

Easy to Use and Manage, No technical skills required

Total Control over all business bookings

No matter if you are running just a few vehicles or a large fleet of different forms of transport, Fleet Booking Manager will make light of the burdens of handling booking enquiries right through the process of submitting quotations to converting those enquiries from interest to business revenues. Fleet Booking Manager is designed to provide a simple to use yet robust enquiry and booking system which not only provides clear information to your clients but also gives you the business owner an absolute understanding of the exact value of all aspects of your work in progress listed for management control as Enquiries, Quoted, Live Booking and Completed

Top Down Management Control , Understand your business always

Ditch the printer: live in-hand screen-view bookings are here

Enquiries generated either by you from telephone enquiries or directly from your website are stored immediately in your business enquiry account. From this moment on that enquiry which becomes a quotation and ultimately a booking creates a comprehensive and fully formatted booking jobcard which can always be accessed from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone meaning that should you prefer not to print jobcards then that option is right here created automatically for you simply by processing booking enquiries and confirmed bookings

Real Time Booking Manager

Every time one of your customers completes a pricing enquiry that enquiry gets immediately stored in your account at the same time as sending a copy of the enquiry to your customer. No matter where you or your administrators are located, you or they can immediately access the client enquiries and respond with a quotation, a copy of which is immediately transmitted to your client along with the account being updated with the enquiry quotation. No business opportunities are missed.

Setting up is a breeze

Creating a working Real-time booking manager for your business is a simply and requires no technical skills from you. After you have gone through the step-by-step, easy to follow account creation you will then be ready to finalise the enquiry process - the only technical intervention requires a simple piece of short code to be added to your live business website. This code once made live (a simple copy and past line of code) replaces your present enquiry form with a form linked directly to your new secure account here inside Fleet Booking Manager. That's it. It is seriously simple.

Management Reports

Many fleet operators can never know the value of all aspects of their business simply because of the pen and paper basis of how they work. Enquiries are often in someone's head as indeed are quotations given to those enquiries. Then there is the follow-up call your customer makes about a quotation another member of your staff has given out. Who said what to who for what and for how much? Fleet Booking Manager trtacks ALL aspects of your business right from the start, through the pricing to the booking and the final job execution as well as storing all past enquiries for later use for repeat bookings.

At any time you can access your account and see the full value of every aspect of your business's activities and giving you the opportunity to see who in your team is the high performer and those who might need help. You can see the total value of all quotations and of course see how much is outstanding from every booking 24/7.

Your finger is on your business pulse always.

Job Outsourcing

With Pro and Enterprise accounts you can run your own booking brokerage. By this we mean you can outsource bookings to other partner businesses who operate vehicles you may not directly manage, for example you may have a regular client who requires a number of people collected from the airport but you don't have such a vehicle to carry so many people and their baggage for this particular booking but you know a firm you trust that has that vehicle. No problem. You simply establish a sub-account in your main account and you simply open the requirement for that airport job, select subcontract, select the appropriate operator and accept. The job moves from your central account to subcontracted jobs and your subcontractor can now access their account to view the job and - as you do - access a real-time jobcard for the booking they will carry out.

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